Allegheny Airlines Flight 371 (N174A)

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Flight 371 Memorial Plaque

On October 3, 2016 Mark and I installed a memorial plaque at the Flight 371 crash site. The plaque includes the names of all twenty two passengers and four crew members. We would like to thank DCNR (Pa Forestry Department) for giving permission to install the plaque on site. Thanks also goes out to Ron Maietta from Lowe's for helping us make all the measurements and cuts for the plaque. Lastly we would like to thank John Bowers for sending us a donation to help build the plaque.
Allegheny Flight 371 Memorial Plaque
Shane Collins
Mark Avery
Ron Maietta
(Update) photo taken on Oct 10, 2016
(Update) photo taken on October 10, 2016
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