Allegheny Airlines Flight 371 (N174A)

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Allegheny's 'Martin Executive' Model 202

The first Martin 202 began service with Allegheny on June 1, 1955. The Martin 202, like the DC-3, was unpressurized, but the Martin Executive, as they were called, quickly became a favorite among businessmen. On January 1, 1956, Allegheny was issued a permanent certificate to carry passengers by the C.A.B. By now, Allegheny had expanded to sixty cities with a fleet of 14 DC-3s and 5 Martin 202s; the airline was so happy with the performance and range of the Martin 202 that it would eventually acquire and operate a total fleet of 18 aircraft. Please note: Not all of the models are shown here. Researched and compiled by Shane C. Collins (Site Administrator).
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